Tavour Holiday Gift Box is the perfect gift!  If you love beer, that is.  And I assume you do otherwise you probably shouldn’t be here.

Tavour might be the coolest service out there for craft beer lovers.  They ship craft beer right to your door (or office)!  It’s not a beer of the month club where you’re stuck with whatever they send you.  Tavour is like your own personal craft beer merchant.  You get to choose each and every beer you get!  Let me see if I can break it down for you.

Tavour gets access to different craft beers and makes them available to their members.  Once you sign up (memberships are free) you will start to receive emails from a Tavour representative when they have a new beer available.  They let you know what they have and how much it is. If you want to add that particular beer to your order you simply reply to the email and say how many you want.  You will then get an email saying that X amount of X beer was added to your cart and your card on file was charge X amount.  If you don’t want that particular beer simply delete the email and go on with your day. You can go on filling your cart until you are ready to ship.  Shipping is a flat rate of $14.90 (plus tax) no matter how many bottles you have!

I told you it was simple… and awesome!

Tavour logo

In addition to the regular service there are three different Tavour Holiday Gift Box offers currently available.  I’ll give you the nuts and bolts of it right here and then we can delve into the contents of the advance box I received.

OK, so there are three different Gift Box options.  They’ve got something for the hop heads, the suckers for stouts and the picky guys who want the seasonal and special stuff.  Each box will be a little different.  I received a Seasonal and Special box, but if you order one you may get a slightly different selection, so keep that in mind.

Here are the details on the Gift Boxes and how to order.

Hoppy Holidays Box $69.99 – For those who just cannot get enough bitter, this hop-filled treasure is full of delights.  A first aid kid for hopheads, this box includes a variety of IPAs, DIPAs, and seasonally appropriate high IBU beers.

Box of Coal $79.99 – Perfect for those who crave all things roasted and malty, this dark box contains Stouts, Porters, and hearty winter styles. These beers are big and bold, perfect for cold winter nights with loved ones.

Seasonal and Special $89.99 – Winter is almost ubiquitously recognized as the best season for craft beer. Expect incredible Belgians, barrel-aged classics, and Winter Warmers. These are beers deserving of being opened for a special occasion.

How to Order – Tavour will ship these gift boxes to your home, or to the home of the gift recipient if they are living in their coverage area (OR, WA, CA, AZ, NV, NM, OH, or CO). Price of all boxes includes shipping and 8 bottles of beer. To guarantee that Tavour can get these delivered before the holidays, requests must be sent to support@tavour.com by December 9th, 2015. Please indicate where you would like the box shipped in your response.

Now that you know how to order, lets take a look at my package.

Oh…. Man… that came out wrong.

Let’s take a look at the beers that were included in the Seasonal and Special Gift Box I received!

Each gift box is shipped with eight beers.  I’m going to review each beer I received in the Gift Box individually in the coming days and they are all listed below.  Some of these beers I have heard of and am very eager to try like the Paradox and St. Bernardus Christmas Ale, but most are completely new to me.  In fact, I’ve never had any of them before!

Tavour Holiday Gift Box

Each box shows up with a personalized note… Made me feel the warm and fuzzies…

St. Bernardus Christmas Ale

I hear real good things about this one…

Commons Brewery Petit Classique

Those pink peppercorns tho…

Black Raven Festivus

Softens the blow during the airing of grievances…

Silver City Old Scrooge

9% ABV turns Scrooge into a big time hugger…

De Brabandere 1894

Without a doubt the hardest bottle to photograph…

Paradox Skully Barrel No. 33

Really looking forward to this one…

Holy Mountain The Sheer

Dig the three-eyed owl, but will I find a saison I like?

pFriem Belgian Strong Blond

In my world a PF means you really screwed things up, but that won’t be the case here…