Tweason’ale from Dogfish Head brewery is a gluten-free beer.  While that may be a selling point to some, it was almost a deterrent for me.  Not only is it gluten-free, but the Tweason’ale is also sorghum-based.  The good folks over at Dogfish Head decided that they wanted to make a beer that could be enjoyed by “health-conscious beer drinkers and the millions of Americans who suffer from Celiac disease.”

Dogfish Head Tweason’ale

Style: Fruit / Specialty (gluten-free)

ABV: 6.0%

Availability: Year Round

MSRP: $9.49 Four Pack

Dogfish Head Tweason’ale is a gluten-free beer

Flavor: I was stunned by the flavor of the Tweason’ale.  Sure there was a strawberry bee creature on the bottle so I expected that, but I didn’t expect the tartness.  The Tweason’ale had a tartness that was reminiscent of a sour beer.  The buckwheat honey offered a nice sweetness on the finish.  The sour start and sweet finish put this beer into it’s own category.

Strength: This is a summer style beer that won’t blow you away with alcohol.

Body: The body of the Tweason’ale was interesting.  The flavor wasn’t heavy, but the texture was.  It was supremely filling.  You know how a Tripel can fill you?  Well the Tweason’ale was heavy in that same way.  I assume that has something to do with the sorghum that is used in place of barley.

Buy It Again:  Probably.  I liked the flavor a lot, but it was just so freakin’ filling.  I wouldn’t say this is a beer that will always be in my fridge, but it will make more than one appearance.

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